‘Doof Doof’ the unabridged Autobiography published by Austin Macauley is released on 28th August 2015.

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“Simon May is one of the most successful and celebrated composers for television the UK has ever produced.

Best known for writing the EastEnders theme whose evocative drum beat gives this book its title, Simon’s long and impressive list of TV themes includes the 1980s smash-hit drama series Howards’ Way, as well as such perennial favourites as Holiday and Animal Park. In Doof Doof, Simon describes the creation of these works, and the success they brought, with self-deprecating humour and the sharp eye of the true professional.

But EastEnders, Howards’ Way and the others represent only one side of Simon’s life. In the 1970s he was a singer-songwriter, writing songs to be performed on the Birmingham-set soap opera Crossroads and even gracing the stage of Top of the Pops on a few, not always successful occasions!


Before becoming a full-time musician he had a career as a schoolteacher, which culminated in his co-composition of the much-loved school musical Smike. Education is something Simon has always felt strongly about, and his teaching work continues to this day.

Anchored by a large and loving family, Simon has led something of a charmed life, but unusually is happy to discuss his failures just as much as his successes, as he sees the value of learning from mistakes. Doof Doof is full of valuable advice to aspiring musicians and composers starting on their own careers.”

With a wealth of showbiz anecdotes, delivered with fluency and grace, Doof Doof is a vivid and engaging portrait of a successful composer, entrepreneurial businessman, earnest educator and committed family man.”

‘Doof Doof’ the Autobiography Collection of Simon May and the unabridged Autobiography book - released in 2 different formats on 28th August 2015.

The Autobiography Collection released by the Demon Music Group/BBC Worldwide is a 3 CD box set containing 50 of Simon’s all time favourite hit themes and songs, accompanied by an abridged mini autobiography.


Email: simon@simonmay.co.uk


photo of Simon May at St. Pancras Hotel London ©2015 Alex Belfield/Celebrity Radio

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